Sebiya, The Shepherd Princess


Sebiya, The Shepherd Princess

An Adult Biblical Novel

By Bonnie Compton Hanson

Published by Ambassador International

The forbidden love story
between a captivating peasant girl
and a mysterious stranger

Love, excitement, romance--young Sebiya Bath-Jacob longs for them all!  Especially for someone who will love her as wholly and tenderly as her own parents love each other.  Someone who can share her desire to honor the Israelites' One-True God--unlike the wanton behavior of so many of their pagan neighbors.  Someone so handsome, so enchanting, she cannot help but love him in return. Impossible-seeming dreams for a poverty-stricken shepherdess of Northern Israel during King David's later years as beloved monarch of the United Kingdom.  After all, girls from the hills and valleys around her beloved Mt. Tabor can usually hope for little more from life than arranged marriages and grueling hard work.

Much as "Sebi" loves her family, she must deal with the problems of a ridiculed father, a sharp-tongued mother, unhappy brothers, and an infuriating younger sister.  As well as with the more sobering realities of a merciless famine, an awesome plague, scheming heathen priests, greedy village elders, grossly-immoral idol worship practices, the consuming ambition of her own step-uncle, the cruel whims of her village's powerful overlord--even violent rebels determined to restore Israel's throne to the heirs of King Saul. Nor can she count on her friends for support, for they are soon snatched away by slavery, arranged marriages--or even, in the case of her fair cousin, Abishag, house arrest at Solomon's Palace.  Until by the time Sebi is a lovely but lonely seventeen-year-old, she is ready to give up hope.

Then a mysterious hunter enters her life, his magnetic black eyes setting her heart aflame--only to disappear as suddenly as he came.  Now the poor but winsome Sebi must defy the scorn of her neighbors, the objections of her family, the insults of a royal court, the plans of an Empire, the fury of a frustrated Queen--even the schemes of desperate revolutionaries plotting to retake the throne for King Saul's heirs--as she seeks to find her beloved "Jed" again and make him her own forever.  Being reunited at last--and discovering that her "Jed" or Jedediah is really Solomon, heir to Israel's throne--is even more thrilling that all the wedding pomp, glitter, and joy that follow.

How this legendary "Shulammite" overcomes so many obstacles with God's help and wins the heart of the most powerful ruler in Israel's history is the story of The Shepherd Princess, a suspenseful, Bible-based novel about Solomon's second wife that celebrates true love experienced God's way.  Full of conflict, action, romance, spiritual uplift, and humor, this stirring tale is based on The Song of Solomon and other related Scriptures, as well as several years of historical research.




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